What People Are Saying!

“Tracy’s long involvement in the community has helped her understand what it takes to make Carlsbad a great place to live and work. She is a thoughtful, principled leader open to new ideas and creative solutions. Tracy has the experience to connect people, work collaboratively, and achieve the best outcomes for our city.”
— Julie Nygaard, Former Carlsbad Council Member

“I’ve known Tracy for many years. She has always been an active and engaged member of our community who has the right combination of experience and leadership skills to help lead our city into the future. Tracy will bring a fresh and collaborative spirit to the City Council that will help preserve our wonderful quality of life.”
— Ann Kulchin, Former Council Member, Mayor Pro Tem

“Tracy is a tireless worker who has her heart in the right place. Her demeanor, her openness, her willingness to listen to new ideas and build consensus is to be admired. She is a problem-solver who is not only smart but approachable. She is the right choice to represent District 1 on the City Council.”
–Socorro Anderson, Citizen and Housing Advocate, Barrio Carlsbad

“Great Candidate! I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and working with Tracy Carmichael for decades. She and I worked together on the Carlsbad Christmas Bureau for years and she was my choice to take over as president when it was time for me to move on after 20 years. She served on the school board for two terms. She’s community-minded, a dedicated and hard worker and intelligent. She has all the skills to be an outstanding addition to the Carlsbad City Council.”
–Phil Urbina, Carlsbad Citizen of the Year 2015

“As the city reaches build out, we will need experienced executive leadership that knows how to build consensus and unity. Tracy is that quiet leader that knows how to work with everyone to get us where we need to be. She is an amazing and energetic person, intelligent, thoughtful, articulate, and focused.”
–Ann-Marie Newcomb, Business Owner


Jim Desmond, Mayor of San Marcos

Jim Wood, Former Oceanside Mayor

Greg Nelson, Local Business Owner

Knox Williams, Retired Business and Carlsbad Resident

Ofie Escobedo, Local Resident & Business Owner

Julie Nygaard, Former Carlsbad City Council Member

Ann Kulchin, Former Carlsbad Mayor Pro Tem

Kim & Michelle Blaylock

Kurt & Teddi Filipovitch

Patrick & Maija

Sean & Mike VandenKolk

Ray Pearson, CUSD School Board President

Pauline Diamond

Linda Ledesma

Jim Dagostino, Tri-City Healthcare District

John Haedrich, Business Owner

Margi Blasch Filipovitch

Tricia Simons Benton

Keli & Dennis Strawhun

Yvonne Brant Murchison Finocchiaro

Chris Durnan

Tj Stroben

Diana Yoko Sullivan

Nancy Mulheron Morrall

Debra Roberson

Chris Tarzian

Klaus Kirchhoff

Sage Naumann

Lexi Larson

Charles Faithful

Lisa Duff

Kelli Harvey-Nieves

Bob & Connie McAllister

Samantha Richter

Mary Sarver

Courtney Barnett

Dave & Kari Barnett

Frank Silva

Diane Robinson Hendricks

Katie Cuppett Bringuier

June Kostick Steffy

Nora Schoen

Karen Glessner

Carlton & Sandra Lund

Ashley Roberson

Gary Morrison, Retired Carlsbad Police Chief

Donna Hainsworth Fleming

Gail Tullao

Beverly Smith

Arnie Cohen

Mary Kuhn

Laura Becker Ogan

Laura & Bob Moore

Sue Wellington Essa

Diane Fletcher Rubins

Trudy Stapleton

Matt Lowe

Steve Ahle

Jim Brubaker

Catherine Miller

Robert Richardson

Mary Pollock

Roger Roberson

Laura Ross

Phil Sarver

Jessica Jones

Andrea Ryon

Chris & Janis Murphy

Imo Sharman

Dave Duff

Lynne Curtin

Sally Lyons

Lillie Ayala

Gil Soto

Gil & Sherry Alvarado

Bill & Bonnie Dominguez

Steven Ahlquist

Marylin Tollack

Betsy Simpson

Mickie Redden

Laurie DaRe

Cheryl Miller

Jim Johnson

Christinna Hall

Lacy Metcalfe

Kim Marshall

Wayne Bischoff

John McShefferty

Lauren Solarsh

William Walls

Rosemarie Gallardo

Kathleen Connally

Paula Hinnant Lopez Cowar