On March 3, 2020
ELECT Tracy Carmichael
Carlsbad City Council

As a mom, homeowner, business owner, past school board president, community volunteer, and 33-year resident of Carlsbad, I’ve always worked hard to do what is best for our city — not what’s best for me politically or what’s best for my political party. I have always put Carlsbad first. I may not always choose to do what is popular, but I will always do what is right and good for you, your family, and your neighborhood.

I am the only candidate in this race that has a proven, life-long record of service to our community. I am dedicated and devoted to Carlsbad. I have no ambitions other than to serve you, fight for you, and be your point-person to keep your family safe, choose the right solutions to keep the homeless off our streets, improve traffic flow and safety, and provide beach access as you would like to see it.

Dedicated to Service, Focused on YOU!
Tracy Carmichael,
Carlsbad, CA

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